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Eyelash Extensions


You knew exactly how much you were going to make this week, next week, two months from now, and could make plans for your future.

You were able to call your own shots and make your own schedule because that is how busy you are.

Your book was not only full this week but for the next six months.

You were killin’ it in a job you absolutely loved.

Imagine if...

You offered a service you could build a whole career off of that you absolutely love.

I am here to show you what is possible as a lash Artist. And yes, you are an Artist!

I started doing lashes before there was education available and had to learn the hard way.

But I am a perfectionist and a born artist I knew in my bones there was a way to do lashes damage-free, gorgeous, and irresistible for my clients. 

I was right, and I built a biz of doing ten people a day for a decade 
~And  I  have trained over 1000 students to do the same. 

Here, we are learning the foundations of a great lash career- 

"10/10! Would recommend to anyone looking to get into the Eyelash industry! 

I took Shelby’s Eyelash Extension Certification class and it was everything I wanted and more! I left feeling confident and extremely motivated to start doing eyelash extensions. "

Caitlin Z 

Lash Extension Basics






Volume Lash Artistry

Lash Business Building

The Curriculum

Lash Selection
Gel Pad Placement
Priming & Mapping
Tweezers & Angles
Isolation & Placement
Ideal Adhesion
Completing the perfect classic set

Advanced Mapping
Premade/ Handmade
Premade Placement
Creating Spikes
Advanced Taping 
Layering Lashes
How to Lash for Impact

Licensing and Certs
Where to get Hired
Starting a Lash Shop
Consent Forms
Building a Clientele
How to Grow
Photos, social,websites, and marketing


Live Critique and One-on-One Training
AND Bonus Maps to Build your Looks

History of Lashes
Anatomy of the Eye
Skin, Sanitation, Safety
Science of Adhesives
Lash Types and Curls
Products and Supplies

What do you get with this Eyelash Extension Certification Class? 
Here are the details to get you ready for a career as an Eyelash Extension Artists. 


 Your Eyelash Training Kit is Included!

Hyper Bond Exclusive Adhesive

Aloe Enriched Primer

Gel-Easy Remover

Mixed Trays of Designer Lashes in Multiple Sizes

Marble Weighted Lash Pallet

Gel pads

Glue Stickers and Rings

Microfiber Brushes and Mascara Wands

Eyelash Tape and Gel Pads

Multiple Sets of  Eyelash Specific Tweezers 

Eyelash Mannequin

Extra Practice Lashes


Everything you need to begin your lashing career on the right foot.

There is a Spot at this Table 
just  for you! 

J. Allen

"I attended Shelby’s class extension class. It was an awesome hands on learning experience. I would 100% recommend her class!"

What people are Saying...


"Shelby is an amazing and knowledgeable instructor. I would recommend taking this course if you want to add eyelash extensions to your existing business or if you want to start your own business doing lashes."

Abbey L

"Did a lash course and loved it so much. It was super helpful and worth it! Shelby was super sweet and answered all the questions I had." 

Is Becoming a Lash Artist Worth It?

This class is for you if...

You want to build a business on your terms 

You were able to call your own shots and make your own schedule because that is how busy you are.

You want to add a service that can keep clients returning every two weeks like clockwork.

You are in the beauty industry and are ready to get more butts in seats!

You want control of making your own money and the business to make it happen.

You are tired of heading to a job every day that doesn’t check those dream boxes.

You want a job that you love, without the worry, just great work!


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Add Eyelash Extensions to your book,
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Learn classic lashing and pre-made volume lashing, 
And build a business you love.

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One-on-One Instruction

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Payment Plan

One-Day Full Day of Class- 9-3

One-on-One Instruction

Hands-on Learning

Instant Feedback


Your frequently asked questions answered...

Q: Where is this class held?
A: The class is held at the beautiful Lorenco’s Salon on Alameda and Jefferson in Albuquerque, NM 
Q: Does this course teach me everything I need to know about lashes?
A: This class teaches you the foundational elements of lashing. Once you have those fundamental skills down, with practice, the sky is the limit.

Q: Will I get one-on-one support in this training? 
A: Yes! Shelby will look at every student's work and work with you individually on what you are struggling with. Every artist is unique. 

Q: Will I be able to make up the cost of this course quickly?
A: Yes! This course sets you up for success. A new set of lashes runs $150-300 with regular touchups every two weeks. The cost of this course can be made back in no time at all. 

Q: Will I receive a certificate and be certified through this class? 
A: Yes! You will get a certificate and receive a badge for your website indicating you are certified through The Hosue of Shelby- Lashes

Q: Do I have to have a Cosmetologist or Esthetician license to take the class?
A: You do not need a license to take the class, however…

Q: Do I have to have a Cosmetologist or Esthetician license to do lashes in New Mexico?
A: In October of 2023 New Mexico finally added eyelash extensions to their rules under cosmos, estis, and barbers. They can now say you do need a license to do them in an established place of business. Shelby recommends the Aveda Institute for licensing. However…

Q: Will I learn how to do lashes in Esti or Cosmo School?
A: No. It is not part of New Mexico’s curriculum, so if you want to learn how to do lashes, you will need to take a separate course like this one

Q: What happens if I move out of State?
A: Every State is different. Some require a separate certificate. Others, like Texas, have a separate license. Other states do not require any training. Every State has its own rules. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans for the class?
A: A $99 deposit is required to hold your spot. You can choose to pay the full amount at sign-up, pay the deposit and the remaining balance the morning of the class, or pay the deposit and ask Shelby to invoice you the remainder for the ability to use AfterPay

Your Trainer

Born Creator, sucker for all the pretty things, lash and pmu artist since 2005, salon owner and most importantly,
to get your books full and loving the services you provide.  

I'm Shelby Hohsfield,

Master Artist and Trainer

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Build a full book in 90 days
with an irresistible service your clients can’t get enough of.

Get the three steps you need to know to grow your
 business out of this world in 2024



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