The Challenge- My Health Journey living sugar free in 2018


At IIN we learn over 100 different dietary theories and we also explore the impact that primary food (what you feed your soul with like relationships, career, my crazy obsession with podcasts) has on your health and life. We are all different, but there are a three simple things I found all theories had in common and three things I decided to challenge myself to holding myself to. Here it goes...

1) No added sugar

Regardless of what my sweet old Pop Pop says, sugar is just not an essential building block of life. It is not necessary. In fact, many believe it to be equivalent to a drug on its affect on our minds and bodies. When it came down to it, I couldn't find anything to support it and a whole lot against it. So, it's out. 

2) No processed food

This one, I have realized is going to need a bit more clarification as the lines can get skewed easily. What I have broke this down to is basically EAT REAL FOOD. If it has one ingredient (apple, chicken, tomato) than even better. No healthful dietary theory is going to tell you to go eat Lucky Charms all day. Real food that can be identified without having to google what it is. In this, I am going to go with what feels right and expirment a bit. 

3) 30 minutes of exercise everyday

This is for the mind even more than the body. For me, this includes running, weights, walks, yoga (my favorite) hikes, etc. What a little exercise can do for you is irriplacable. Mind, body and soul. 

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