All of the best moments of my life have happened when I was in a good mental and physical place. But like so many people, I have all to often let circumstances get to me and allowed my health to go by the wayside.

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My Story

I have two beautiful babies who I love to pieces. I battled postpartum depression and was no stranger to some down times earlier in my life as well. The thing that truly brought me up out of the fog of babies was my love for fitness and health. 

Three years ago I was in amazing shape, mentally and physically. I felt on top of the world. But like we do all to often in life, I came on some trying life obstacles and allowed my health to slip. We moved a business, I lost a business, went through a friendship/ business partner breakup, changed jobs and moved homes all in a year span. With all of that I let go of the one thing that really always held me together- fitness.  While it should have been my first priority, somehow my fitness became my last and with it went my energy and mental fortitude. And just like that, three years went by.

I really believe in the power of being inspired.

Feeling in a truly down spot in my life, I asked God and the universe for a change. I am a firm believer in putting 'it' out there. He does listen and even though it doesn't all make sense at that moment it always makes sense in time. I wrote out my goals and a bit of a manifesto for what I wanted to happen in 2017. I wrote it on a blog post on a site I had, but never published. And there it sat, almost forgotten. 

In the meantime, the house we moved into is a big fixer-upper. Looking for inspiration and a way to bring me up I started a blog about our house and my art work. I worked on this diligently, as our house will be in need of fixing for a long time yet. But something was missing. That inspiration I needed was still not there. I was still not healthy. I had a little breakdown with my very patient hubby and said, "I feel like I am going in the wrong direction. Physical and mental health is my biggest struggle and my true passion in life. Health is the most important thing," I said. "When it comes to writing, I love writing about health. If I could even just help one person who has been in my down position and was able to rise up, it would be worth it." I think he thought I was crazy and maybe giving up. To me, it was just a feeling I had down deep- I needed to help heal with health.

Another month or so went by nothing really changed. I needed inspiration, an opportunity, but it hadn't knocked yet.

And then it did. 

A friend I had from my childhood posted a facebook post about this amazing company she worked for. She was a nutritional coach with a program that got people in shape, had amazing business opportunities and changed people's lives.

Um, hello universe! Are you talking to me? It was the opportunity! It was the 'ah ha' moment Oprah talks about. I just knew  it was the thing that was going to change my life. 

I was so inspired in so many ways!

Remember that blog post I talked about before? The one where I put my wish to God and the Universe out there? When getting my business together I pulled up that old site I had and found that post. I had forgotten all about it. I started reading and could hardly believe it. My prayers were being answered! My three main goals were - 1) Get in stellar shape if, for nothing else the mental, energy and happiness side effects, 2) Get a handle on my schedule and schedule the things that I really feel are worth living for so life quits just warp speed passing me by, and 3) Start a new business I believe in and go for it. Check, check, and triple check! 

I'm now on my way to 15lbs slimmer. I have tons of energy. I'm loving my life, and loving helping others to find their best selves! It feels like a dream come true!  

And the dreams have not stopped coming. I now have my own business completely dedicated to health. I have my amazing nutritional guidance program, a blog dedicated to inspiring a healthy life including great recipes, a podcast on the way, a YouTube channel coming soon with my little girl making healthy food, and a happy, healthy life. 

I can not be more excited right now about life! I feel like God has put me exactly where I need to be to truly help people and make a difference in others lives. I now have total body health, mind, body and soul! 



What's your story?