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Remodeling our Master Bedroom- One brick at a time

Our current project I the master bedroom. This is big room (surprise right?). Honestly, Carl and I have never thought it made sense. It is a huge box. It has a French door out to the patio, but no windows on the outside wall that all the other bedrooms have a window out to. I also had no closets. It had his and hers small closets in the master bathroom, but were really undersized considering the size of the bedroom. The way it was layed out, the furniture never fit well. The TV (you can judge, but it is a must for us and our Netflix addiction) was always too far away and the bed looked awkward. That was not what sparked our decision on making this our next project. What started it was the fact that last winter we were cold- like real cold. So we decided to switch it up!

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