Remodeling our Master Bedroom- One brick at a time

we may be bricking for Days...

Our current project I the master bedroom. This is big room (surprise right?). Honestly, Carl and I have never thought it made sense. It is a huge box. It has a French door out to the patio, but no windows on the outside wall that all the other bedrooms have a window out to. I also had no closets. It had his and hers small closets in the master bathroom, but were really undersized considering the size of the bedroom. The way it was layed out, the furniture never fit well. The TV (you can judge, but it is a must for us and our Netflix addiction) was always too far away and the bed looked awkward. That was not what sparked our decision on making this our next project. What started it was the fact that last winter we were cold- like real cold. So we decided to switch it up!

Remodeling our Master Bedroom- One brick at a time

Remodeling our Master Bedroom- One brick at a time

What it looked like when we bought it..

  • We painted all the ceilings white and the walls Lyndhurst Gallery beige (my favorite color that I just stumbled onto, but couldn't imagine life without it) when we moved in.
  • We had some good friends of ours replace the French doors. I sanded down the old turquoise paint and stained the outdoor wood a warm, amber stain.
  • We installed a new overhead light.
  • We installed a new Fujitsu Minisplit (heating and cooling unit) because what it had was done. I'll write a post just for that sometime and link it. Not a fun expense- 
  • And then we lived in it.

But then we got Crazy and tore it all up!

Project Progress

As of now...

  • We ripped up all the horribly ugly marble from the 1990's. This checkerboard of pink and black had no business in a New Mexico style home, or any home after 1992.
  • When we did we discovered a serious mold problem under the tiles right under where we slept!!! eek- Remedied that! Fortunately with the adobe no worry of it being in the walls.

Mold under the Tile- EEEKKK!

  • The North facing wall of our house gets so dang cold! Adobe only works to 'insulate' when it gets sunshine, and North walls don't get sunshine, so basically we had a 10ft' wall of ice all winter. We knew we needed something.
  • We planned out new closets- one of which spans the length of the whole North Wall- and guess what, we planned to insulate the heck out of it. We busted out the old back wall of our little closet and pushed it out a few feet.  
  • Next, we measured it out and spray painted the floor plan literally on the floor. Bricking over it anyways.
  • Then we framed the walls. I had helped my dad as a kid build our barn and worked with my Poppop, a contractor. "16 on center" he always said. That and a lot of youtube and Carl and I built walls. Pretty cool actually.
  • We bought real pretty wood posts for the corners of each wall to frame out where our kiva fireplace is. Cut those down and put those up. Good thing for a strong hubby. They were really heavy.
  • Then we had an electrician come move some outlets and set up my new fancy closet with some lights. I like doing electric, but some things are worth paying for. They do a great job and do it fast.
  • Next we drywalled and, you guessed it, insulated the heck out of the new closet wall. Yay!
  • There was a funky concrete lip in front of the French doors. It was really in the way. I thought I could just bust it out, but I almost wrecked the doors because it unknowingly ran under them. Instead I had to build a form, and make a concrete step. I had to concrete the old heat vents in the floor anyways, so just kept going.
  • Now it's bricking time! I have gotten all of the whole bricks down, but all the cuts are killing me. I decided to go with two different patterns- a straight, traditional pattern for the main area and closets, and a really pretty herringbone pattern, my favorite for the area in front of the fireplace. The straight cuts for along walls and edges are not bad, you measure, and cut. The area with the haringbone may just kill. me. Every piece is completely different from the next. I love it, but it is a b#$&* to do- just say'n.

YouTube video of the week- This is where we are at now!

This is a look at the progress we have made on our master bedroom renovation. Check out to read all about our home remodel and more about this project. (made with #spliceapp -

Goals for this Week-

  • Get all the brick cuts done
  • Sand the brick
  • Seal the brick
  • Cover the Brick

My Brick'n Partner- love this kid!

and for extra credit if I get really crazy....

Tape and texture the walls!!

Wish us luck!!!