Beware! Rouge Inspector on the Loose

We have hit a major snag. 

Our house costs a small fortune to heat in the Winter. Last year we put in mini-splits (I'll write a whole review on them here soon) That do heating and cooling for each room. They made our electrical bill go through the roof. Because of this we decided to do solar. We have CST, a very reputable company doing the work. However, this has been the longest project yet (I'll do a whole final review of the project). 

The Inspector to pass the whole solar project went rouge

He took it upon himself to not pass any of the inspections the solar guys have had on our project before this. He insisted on reviewing the whole thing even though the other areas (panels in the house) had passed already. He decided to walk the whole house. 

I should have locked the bedroom door

Because I didn't and wasn't thinking,  he decided to look through our whole master bedroom project. And what did he ask? "Do you have a permit for this work?" AAHH!! Of course not- this is a renegade home remodel. Besides, the project literally consisted of building not load bearing closets walls. We had an electrical socket rerouted and a light switch installed. Hardly the home altering, life changing house burning down kind of project. 

Did you know anytime you want to do any construction with your home you are supposed to pull a permit?

Anytime you do any work- even silly stuff- on your house technically you are supposed to have a permit. There was a small voice in the back of my mind that knew this- but realistically, no one gets permits for closet walls. That would honestly, in my opinion just be silly- but not to this guy. I have now learned that you do not need a contractor to pull it necessarily. That was the reason I blew it off.  Because DIY'ing it, we have no contractor. You can actually pull a homeowners permit- now you are in the know.

He failed our whole solar project!!!

He literally said it is his leverage. Until we get a permit for closet walls he will not pass the solar project- I lost my mind! I admit, I have a temper. I do. It is just in me and not one of finer qualities, but I yelled. I don't understand how one project can fail an unrelated project, especially one as big as our solar project. But it happened. Here on 6 Reasons to Calm Down in the Face of Anger. I need to take my own advice. 

In any event- what now?

I called the electrician today to go over this. We did have a reputable electric contractor move the outlet and light switch. You can say, "He should have known better and pulled a permit, " but if this is how you role then maybe a renegade DIY, home renovation blog is not for you. It was not necessary, and he obviously thought it was overkill as well. I am not all against getting permits when it is necessary.  The electrician is making some phone calls because they all know each other. We will probably have to pull a homeowners permit, then possibly an electrical permit, take all the drywall down (literally makes me want to cry big, 'ol, fat alligator tears), then he said he would pass the solar, put it all back together, have it inspected again, and hopefully move on.   

I hate hearing the word NO-  

Hate is not even a good enough word- LOATHE. Really, that is more like it. I loathe being told no because of dumb rules. It makes my renegade soul insane. But is does no good to be mad.  

In the mean time- working with a red tag??

So he red tagged my bedroom, which means I am not supposed to work in there. I can't work- are you crazy??? So red tag or not, I finished sanding my bedroom last night and took out my frustration out while putting the first two coats of sealer down- I can do that with a red tag right??? Working out your problems renegade style. 

I'll keep you posted...