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The Challenge: The Three Most Important Changes for Better Health

At IIN, we learn over a 100 different dietary theories. No two are exactly alike. As the largest holistic health college, we also get the super cool opportunity of learning from the big dawgs. If they wrote the book on that theory, they are who we get a lecture from. It is awesome becasue they know thier stuff. They have research. They have graphs. They all can show how they cure cancer, alzhymers, cardio vascular disease, egszima, dimentian and allow you to live another 15 years longer. They can back it up. They have data to support everything to make you completely question everything about what you are eating. AND they completely contradict each other. Ugh! One says only eat meat, the other only vegitables, the other no grains, and another all grains. Being the super analytical one that I can be, I started to break them all down. They can't all be right, can they? What do they all have in common? 

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