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French Citrus Fennel Crockpot Chicken

I look for inspiration anywhere I can get it.

Really, the shorter the ingredient list, often the better!

That is where fun places like these come in. You can take an ordinary chicken recipe and make it a wow dish with adding simple, infused ingredients like olive oils or sea salts. 

While we were on vacation I snagged a new favorite of mine- French Citrus Fennel Sea Salt. 

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Beef and Bacon Slow Cook

Instead of my blog being about my adventure through the happiness project, it became about my adventure learning to cook the recipes in this book. Although that little blog is now lost somewhere in the internet abyss, the lessons I leaned during that time cooking still resonate today. I still use concepts I learned from this book every time I get out a pan. It taught me basics and it taught me what good food with real ingredients is supposed to taste like. 

This recipe I put together is no exception. 

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Purple Okra and Bacon

Confession; I had no idea what these were when I saw them at the farmer's market.

These things are interesting looking. Of course, I have heard of okra and even eaten it on occasion, but until the other day at the farmer's market, I had never seen them fresh and uncooked. They are odd looking, to say the least. 

For diabetic individuals, animal studies suggest okra pods may help alleviate diabetic effects, due to its myricetin content.

I had to look up some different options for cooking okra. When it came down to it, I settled on a little creation of my own and it was so good!

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Baked Peach Chicken and Green Beans

This last Wednesday I brought my kiddos to the market. They tried things right there from the growers and chimed in about what they would like. I love exposing them to this healthier lifestyle. I hope these outings are something that sticks with them in their lives. Peaches are choked full of all sorts of goodness. Tons of vitamin C, E and K, niacin, folate, iron, choline, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and copper. I love using what is fresh! Straight from the market having been picked that day to my table that night- yum!

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