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Got Milk? or Not? Is dairy right for you?

Is dairy right for you? This is a big debate and can often be a heated topic. When moving to a healthier lifestyle there are many different opinions about dairy. Should you go low fat, no fat, whole, raw, or eliminate it completely? At the end of the day, you are the only one that can make that determination by listening to your body, but a little science to back up your decision is never a bad thing. 

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Our Body- Our House for Life

This concept of taking care of your house is paralleled when approaching good health choices with your body. We could arguably say our gut is the foundation. Even being called our second brain, gut health is responsible for so much more than just whether we have a stomach ache. Mood and brain health, immune system, proper vitamins for cell development, cardiovascular, nervous system, all nourishment for our entire existence passes through and is derived from our gut!

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