The Power of Good Nutrition Against Cholesterol

Sometimes in this job, you come across people that really just mean so much.

This is a story that really hits home highlighting the impact that a good diet can mean for every individual. I have known Sharon for years now. I do her eyelashes and have gotten to know her very well at the salon. A beautiful 70 something-year-old woman with such a spark in life.

Sharon has always been in great shape working out often two classes a day at the local community center. She cares about herself and about her body. But Sharon had always been dealing with a certain health issue that she couldn't overcome. Not big one to take medications she has actually gone almost all of her life without taking much of anything in pill form.  So when she told me she was finally going to bite the bullet and start taking the Statin medications for her cholesterol as her doctor suggested I was a bit surprised. She decided to take the medications after continuously having problems with high cholesterol.

Turns out her body wasn't any happier about this than she was and she ended up having a bad reaction and rash to the medication.

After hearing what she had been through I started speaking with her more about nutrition and about what she could do to naturally change the course of her health. Her daughter also did the same always great to have family on your side! Sharron started using natural products vitamins minerals and nutrients with our program as well as changing her diet to a more Paleo/keto friendly way of eating. She came to see me just the other day and I was ecstatic to hear her results. 

In less than three months Sharron has taken her cholesterol level from 250 down to 197. She says she can't remember it being under 200 since she was 30 years old. Her bad went from 165 to 110 and good from 71 to 79. 

You know what the best part is about doing this all naturally? Every single side effects she is having is a positive one – no negative side effects! That's not something Statin can say is it? So happy for this beautiful lady and here is too good nutrition!

The Power of Good Nutrition Against Cholesterol-

Here is an article indicating more about Statins. Works for some, but if there is a natural alternative I'm all for it.