The Challenge: The Three Most Important Changes for Better Health

At IIN, we learn over a 100 different dietary theories. No two are exactly alike. As the largest holistic health college, we also get the super cool opportunity of learning from the big dawgs. If they wrote the book on that theory, they are who we get a lecture from. It is awesome becasue they know thier stuff. They have research. They have graphs. They all can show how they cure cancer, alzhymers, cardio vascular disease, egszima, dimentian and allow you to live another 15 years longer. They can back it up. They have data to support everything to make you completely question everything about what you are eating. AND they completely contradict each other. Ugh! One says only eat meat, the other only vegitables, the other no grains, and another all grains. Being the super analytical one that I can be, I started to break them all down. They can't all be right, can they? What do they all have in common? 

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Got Milk? or Not? Is dairy right for you?

Is dairy right for you? This is a big debate and can often be a heated topic. When moving to a healthier lifestyle there are many different opinions about dairy. Should you go low fat, no fat, whole, raw, or eliminate it completely? At the end of the day, you are the only one that can make that determination by listening to your body, but a little science to back up your decision is never a bad thing. 

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French Citrus Fennel Crockpot Chicken

I look for inspiration anywhere I can get it.

Really, the shorter the ingredient list, often the better!

That is where fun places like these come in. You can take an ordinary chicken recipe and make it a wow dish with adding simple, infused ingredients like olive oils or sea salts. 

While we were on vacation I snagged a new favorite of mine- French Citrus Fennel Sea Salt. 

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Beef and Bacon Slow Cook

Instead of my blog being about my adventure through the happiness project, it became about my adventure learning to cook the recipes in this book. Although that little blog is now lost somewhere in the internet abyss, the lessons I leaned during that time cooking still resonate today. I still use concepts I learned from this book every time I get out a pan. It taught me basics and it taught me what good food with real ingredients is supposed to taste like. 

This recipe I put together is no exception. 

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Purple Okra and Bacon

Confession; I had no idea what these were when I saw them at the farmer's market.

These things are interesting looking. Of course, I have heard of okra and even eaten it on occasion, but until the other day at the farmer's market, I had never seen them fresh and uncooked. They are odd looking, to say the least. 

For diabetic individuals, animal studies suggest okra pods may help alleviate diabetic effects, due to its myricetin content.

I had to look up some different options for cooking okra. When it came down to it, I settled on a little creation of my own and it was so good!

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Top 3 Ways to Overcome Overwhelm

We have all experienced it as some point or another. But why does it happen and how can we overcome it?

Overwhelm can be summed up by an over abundance of decisions and choices that leaves our brain in a place of indecision and general fizzle. Having too many decisions causes us often to make none and just want to jump in bed and pull the covers over our head.

Here are the three Key ways I have found to overcome overwhelm when it comes calling. 

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Baked Peach Chicken and Green Beans

This last Wednesday I brought my kiddos to the market. They tried things right there from the growers and chimed in about what they would like. I love exposing them to this healthier lifestyle. I hope these outings are something that sticks with them in their lives. Peaches are choked full of all sorts of goodness. Tons of vitamin C, E and K, niacin, folate, iron, choline, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, zinc, and copper. I love using what is fresh! Straight from the market having been picked that day to my table that night- yum!

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The Power of Good Nutrition Against Cholesterol

After hearing what she had been through I started speaking with her more about nutrition and about what she could do to naturally change the course of her health. Her daughter also did the same always great to have family on your side! Sharron started using natural products vitamins minerals and nutrients with our program as well as changing her diet to a more Paleo/keto friendly way of eating. She came to see me just the other day and I was ecstatic to hear her results. 

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Our Body- Our House for Life

This concept of taking care of your house is paralleled when approaching good health choices with your body. We could arguably say our gut is the foundation. Even being called our second brain, gut health is responsible for so much more than just whether we have a stomach ache. Mood and brain health, immune system, proper vitamins for cell development, cardiovascular, nervous system, all nourishment for our entire existence passes through and is derived from our gut!

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Mission: Obtaining Stellar Mental and Physical Health- Day 1

I don't know where this need for physicality will bring me. I don't know if a competition is really the goal here, but there is no doubt that we must learn from our past. Having a determined workout routine is essential for me being prepared for my next opportunity. And one does not go without the other- a good diet of healthy food is so important too.

2017- Engines are turning, the driver is putting it in gear, and this time I'm ski'n on water!

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